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A selection of books, websites and blogs related to "Social Venture Forum"

“How to change the world” - David Bornstein

“Banker to the poor” - by Muhammad Yunus,Alan Jolis

“The art of the start” – Guy Kawasaki

“The world is flat” - Thomas L. Friedman

  • kivapedia.org -a great initiative to share with the Kiva community
  • kiva.org
  • About Microfinance
  • Tracks progress towards decreasing global poverty by 2015, Millennium
  • NextBillion.net
  • Ted.com
  • Skoll.org
  • ChangeMakers
  • SocialEdge.org
  • Omidyar Network
  • One.org
  • Acumen
  • Ashoka
  • PhilanthropyForum.com
  • theoryofchange.org
  • Wbcsd.org

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    Example of project – ventures & foundation related

    The judges awarded an Honorable Mention to a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a public-health organization in Nepal for a low-tech, relatively low-cost home water-filtration system for use in developing countries. The team, led by MIT research engineer and lecturer Susan Murcott, sought to address one of the most pressing public-health problems in developing countries: the lack of clean drinking water, especially for those living in rural areas or urban slums. Millions of people die every year from water-related illnesses, with many of the victims young children. The MIT team's water-filtering system won in the environmental technology category. Though decidedly a low-tech solution, it was praised by judges for addressing an important problem in an original fashion. However, they also cautioned that even at $20, the price may be too high for the poor households it's targeted for.
    "Clean water is not sexy, and $20 a year won't make anyone rich," says Robert Drost, a scientist at Sun Microsystems Inc. and leader of the team that won last year's Gold award. "But third-world challenges in water, food, shelter, and basic medical care are much more important than innovations in first-world entertainment."

    Source: http://online.wsj.com....mod=public_home_us