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    Japan-China Social Entrepreneurship


    The importance of civil sector as a primary driver to lead for solution of social issues has been emerging at global level. More specifically, the role of social entrepreneurship or non-profit with earned income model to find a sustainable solution for social issues has been the focus of discussion in recent years.

    In Asia, cases in US or in Europe is discussed as best practices, however, the significance and impact of social entrepreneurship depends on its social context. Therefore, effectiveness of a methodology also differs based on the social structure and situation.

    The first purpose of this program is to give participants an opportunity to understand the social issues, its cause behind the phenomenon and how social entrepreneurship provides a solution to those issues in Japan and China. By knowing different situations and challenges on similar issues, we are able to recognize our experience from new perspective.

    Cultural similarity between Japan and China will be an advantage for us to share our experience and know-how to develop the social entrepreneurship in both countries and to create new exchange among leaders in civil society in new generation.

    As a driving force to develop social entrepreneurship, initiatives by intermediary organizations are receiving increasing attention. Intermediary organizations provide start-up funds or functional support in management expertise.

    In the exchange session for intermediary organizations, we study the potentiality of social innovation which could be incurred by social entrepreneurs, through discussions to examine different social models and values, business model of social enterprises and public policy of national/local government.

    The program is a part of exchange program, which is planned in October 2007 in Tokyo, Japan. As a pre-session of the program in Tokyo, the session in Beijing has its position as an initial contact of participant organizations. Each participant organization is expected to come back to the exchange program in Tokyo with their thought and answer to the questions which was raised in the session in Beijing.

    - To understand social issues and challenges, as well as the different definitions and roles of social entrepreneurship in Japan and China

    - To realize the obstacles and challenges to reach the solution by the initiatives of social entrepreneurs

    - To obtain knowledge on best practice case in similar issue areas in Japan and China

    - To share the vision and ideas what exchange will be beneficial to social entrepreneurs in Japan and China to stimulate social innovation

    - To form a organizational platform among intermediary organization to support social entrepreneurship for further communication and exchange

    Japan : ETIC. (Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities), Tokyo Social Ventures

    China : Global Links Initiatives

    <1> Schedule of Visit and Exchange Sessions










    Arrival at Beijing International Airport

    Check in at the hotelHoliday Inn Temple of Heaven

    Briefing : Schedule and agenda

    Site Visit (1) : 更香茶楼 (Gen-Xiang-Cha-Rou)

    Dinner at Cha-Rou






    Site Visit (2) : 工友之家 (Gong-You-Zhi-Jia)


    Exchange session with students at Beijing University

    Place : 100 anniversary memorial hall, Beijing Univ.

    Session ends







    Site Visit (3) : Global Environment Institute


    Exchange session on intermediary organization for social entrepreneurship

    Place : The Japan Foundation, JianGuoMenWai

    Session ends



    Holiday Inn Beijing Temple of Heaven

    No 1, DingAnDongLi, FengTai District, Beijing

    Phone : 010-67626688


    <2> Details of Exchange Program

    (1) Exchange session with students in Beijing University

    Date September 16th (Sat) from 18:30 to 21:00 pm

    Place Beijing University 100th Anniversary Memorial Hall

    Participating Organization: Future Social Entrepreneur Society, Beijing Univ.


    18:30 Opening Speech: “Why Social Entrepreneurship” Takuji Hiroishi (ETIC) 

    18:50 Presentation from China (1) FSES, Beijing Univ.

    19:10 Presentation from China (2) SIFE (Beijing Normal Univ. / UIBE)

    19:30 Presentation from Japan

    19:50 Discussion

    Potentiality of Japan-China students’ exchange on social entrepreneurship

    20:50 Comment: Mr. Ludovic Bodin (Social Venture Forum)

    21:00 Closing : Takuji Hiroishi